Tread Lightly

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wool Jacket - H&M  Cropped Sweater - Topshop  Jeans - Boohoo  Shoes - Boohoo  Nails - Essie (For the Twill of it)   Sunglasses - Christina's 

As you all know it's definitely been a while. At least there is a consolation for my lack of blogging, I did kick ass last semester and intend to do so this semester too. That's the only thing that could possibly make this semi-worth it. 

This is a first: I have never worn shades on my blog!

I have recently gotten into them, I used to think I couldn't pull them off. They actually look good; I will definitely be getting more. Another first: This is my first Topshop purchase. I love this sweater and I had been wearing it non-stop during Spring Break. It's perfect for the in between(ish) weather that we've been having on the east coast. 

While I am still on the hunt for the perfect subtle busted knee jeans, I do like these from Boohoo. I'm keeping my eyes open for that dream pair, which I think I may have found on Unif. (No surprise) I have a haul, outfit posts, and other stuff planned so stay tuned--after my next wave of exams. 



  1. Someone has a good photographer. ;) Great pictures! I love the wool jacket, the sweater, and the glasses!! I found a pair last year like this at Ulta but didn't want to pay the price.. I would rather buy cheap sunglasses, haha.. they usually get scratched.

  2. Beautiful girls,and the glasses are so cool.

  3. i love your post,and thanks for your sharing.

  4. You have such a lovely blog, full of amazing inspiration :)

  5. What a great giveaway - I have entered :) xo

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